Tuesday, August 27, 2013

100 Animals on Parade

Cute goes a long way in a children’s book and Masayuki Sabe’s 100 Animals on Parade definitely wins points for being one of the most adorable children’s books I have seen in a long time The book focuses on a little parade involving hundreds of animals, and along the way, readers do a kind of “Where’s Waldo?” type search, looking for certain things in the pictures. The pictures are bright, fun, and cheery, so the level of difficulty is low, but the pages are so packed with cute little animals that even if your child is too young to “find the bear with the bunny hat”, they will still enjoy turning the pages to see the parade progress. One of my favorite parts of this book, though, is that as the bears, bunnies, and beetles (among others) are wandering by on the page, they are broken down into groups of 10 with the number clearly stated, making this a perfect book for transitioning to counting bigger numbers.

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