Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hocus Pocus Hotel: The Return of Abracadabra

Story time isn’t quite the same when your little ones get bigger, but Hocus Pocus Hotel: The Return of Abracadabra by Michael Dahl is the perfect book for reading with your elementary schooler. The second in the Hocus Pocus Hotel series, this book follows Charlie and Ty, two residents of the Abracadabra Hotel, as they prepare for an exciting magic show 50 years after the namesake master magician disappeared. The Great and Powerful Theopolis has come to establish himself as a magician at the hotel, but Charlie and Ty are eager to find the truth behind his tricks. After solving that mystery, they must rush to prepare for Abracadabra’s amazing return – the first time he has performed in 50 years! Adventure surrounds Charlie and Ty, two middle-school opposites, as they must get ready for one of the biggest nights of their life. This book, which is packed with full-color pictures and has little chapters that help build confidence in young readers, is a great read and is perfect as a read-along with your “big kid”.

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