Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Put ‘Em Up! Fruit

As author of Put ‘Em Up!, the guide to canning and preserving your harvest, Sherri Brooks Vinton knows how to work magic with fruits and vegetables. In her latest book, Put ‘Em Up! Fruit, Vinton focuses on fruit and shows how easy it is to have fun while preserving the fresh flavors of delicious fruits to be enjoyed year round. While this isn’t a strictly vegetarian cook book, it is packed with enough delicious vegan recipes to make every cook (and guest) happy. Put ‘Em Up! Fruit is a well laid out book that allows even a beginner to grow enthusiastic about canning and preserving. By walking readers through the steps of preserving and explaining all sorts of definitions and techniques, even the most novice of cooks will feel confident venturing into the field of preserving with Vinton as a guide. Beginning with breaking down all sorts of fruit preserves (for example, clarifying the difference between a chutney, a compote, a fruit cheese, and jam), and moving on toward exploring techniques for every step of the way (seriously, the wrinkle test to determine ‘done-ness’ of a preserve may be the coolest cooking test I have heard of), Vinton communicates in a way that is part loving neighbor, part farmer’s market expert, and a tad of kitchen scientist. Plus, one of the things that really sets this book apart from other preserving books is that there are dozens of recipes to “put it up” (preserve the fruit), and then recipes to “use it up” (make delicious recipes with the preserved fruit). As a result, this book is a perfect addition to any kitchen, especially for creative types who are willing to try healthy, delicious recipes and have fun doing so. With recipes like Aprisauce (applesauce made with apricots), Wild Rice Salad, Berry Vinaigrette, Sweet Potato Oven Fries, Blackberry Fruit Leather, Savory Cranberry Relish and Broiled Grapefruit Marmalade, there are recipes to suit every palate and every need.

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